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How It Works

     Your RealtyBids.net purchase offer will be submitted through a subscribing real estate Broker/Agent who will provide a timely response to your offer from the seller, and can advise you regarding counter offers, use of vendors and procedures in the process of completing your purchase. 

Earning Cash Back*

     The subscription agreement with RealtyBids.net requires the Broker/Agent to offer Cash Back* to RealtyBids.net customers from commissions earned on completed transactions. Click Here for your Cash Back* quote from a subscribing Broker/Agent.

     Cash Back* to RealtyBids.net customers is calculated as a commission dollars paid to subscribing Broker/Agent1 in excess of two percent of the aggregate sale price, rebated to the RealtyBids.net customer, less a $69 marketing fee2 due to RealtyBids.net.


1 - Commission dollars paid to subscribing Broker/Agent can be verified by real estate purchasers on the HUD-1 document presented upon closing their transaction.

2 - RealtyBids.net will waive the marketing fee for customers that agree to provide an acceptable testimonial to RealtyBids.net